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Posted on 26 November 2008 @ 2:55 am GMT+8

I’ve been pretty pissed on this. As some of you have heard, the members of Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees are on strike, asking for higher pay from the TV producers. You can imagine how many viewers are affected world wide!

I’ve been getting repeat telecasts for all programs on the 3 main Hindi channels which I’ve got, namely Sony Entertainment TV, Zee TV and StarPlus. Yea.. I’ve got the Hindi package all right. This has been going on for over 3 weeks. I’m eagerly anticipating Indian Idol (left with 14 contestants) and Voice of India (left with 4 contestants!!)

Who’s the loser now? We are. :@ Paying for the damn package to watch old crap. Those Indians betta sort this out fast.. We’re waiting…
Full news here.

4 Responses to “Indian TV Strike - When the hell will it be over??”
  1. Putera Emas Says:

    Don’t just anticipating dok.. spend some moola to vote.

  2. Imraneo Says:

    Heh.. This voting is international.
    Global $M$ !

  3. Imraneo Says:

    Allrighty! It’s been announced that the strike is off and fresh programming will resume on Dec 1. Yeaa!

  4. Kathey Mcgahey Says:

    Ich bin schon seit 2008 Besitzer eines DYON 3D TV und bin immer noch sehr zufrieden. Mit 32“ finde ich die Ausmaße immer noch in ordnung. Bei dem Tempo dass die Gerätehersteller gehen könnte man sich aber jedes Jahr einen neuen Fernseher zulegen.

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