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Posted on 27 November 2008 @ 2:56 am GMT+8

Looks like Mumbai is another major magnet for terrorism. Yesterday, yet another attack added on to the string of terror events in India.

Police said there were at least 80 people killed and 250 injured. Apparently, the police seems to be proud of their work: shooting down 4 gunmen and getting 11 of their men killed. The way I see it, its 80 versus 4. Perhaps it’s just the way the media put it.

“Gunfire and explosions were heard at the landmark Taj Mahal hotel and thick plumes of smoke rose from the building, witnesses said. Staff and guests were seen running out of the lobby.

There were also explosions at the Oberoi hotel and firing at a hospital where gunmen were surrounded. “The terrorists are throwing grenades at us from the rooftop of the Taj and trying to stop us from moving in,” Ashok Patil, a police inspector.”

An organization calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen said it was behind the attacks. The group sent an email to news organizations claiming responsibility! The terror fellas seemed to be targeting foreigners as they were looking for American and British passports. Nutz! And I thought having Obama as the president would tone down these shit. I doubt I’ll do a stopover in Mumbai in my next visit to India.. :s More details from Reuters.

2 Responses to “Mumbai terror once again!”
  1. Imraneo Says:

    [b]Singaporean held hostage at Mumbai’s Oberoi Hotel killed[/b]&br;&br;Singapore’s Foreign Ministry has said 28-year-old Lo Hwei Yen, a Singaporean held hostage in one of the Mumbai hotels, has been killed.&br;&br;Details [url=http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews…

  2. jali Says:

    its a bloody mess there…

    meanwhile , our religion gets bashed as always (EDMW forums etc)

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