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Posted on 29 November 2008 @ 2:57 am GMT+8

Dang.. I can’t believe this. Some guy suggested more seats to be removed from trains so that more people can be packed into them. Obviously this was a pretty straight forward solution for the authorities. You need less maintenance and you don’t need to increase train frequencies.

I can see that world class transport means packing more people in public vehicles :s Passenger comfort doesn’t seem to be important. Full news here.

Also, SBS have been increasingly using those “wheelchair” buses , which are apparently low-floor. I like the low-floor design, but where the hell are the seats? They have spaces for not 1, but 2 wheelchair guys, but I have hardly seen a single one on a bus in my lifetime.

Also, due to the low-floor design, the spaces on top of the wheels are wasted and used for luggage. What the fck is this.. an airport bus? :@

3 Responses to “MRT seats removed after public feedback - What the Fcuk?”
  1. renaye Says:

    sigh. seats are very important too because not everyone can stand for a long time. one of the trains in malaysia does have a carriage without seats and that’s very rare. and it’s true that it can fit more people.

    ah.. those kind of buses must’ve been imported.

  2. Imraneo Says:

    I also wonder, whats the technical limit for these vehicles to carry so much load? I don’t think the authorities are looking into that too..

    BTW, which train in Malaysia you’re referring to?

  3. Putera Emas Says:

    This is a good idea for Singaporean. It make sure that more people get to their destination faster. :P

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