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Posted on 6 December 2008 @ 3:01 am GMT+8

I’ve been wanting to get a Xbox360 set for sometime now. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but my 50″ HDTV isn’t getting much HD signals lately. After playing BluRay movies continuously for weeks during my last days of my previous workplace, I don’t have much HD media left. I want to rent Blu movies, but it just isn’t mainstream yet.

To top this all, I’m beginning to loose interest in PC gaming, mainly because of the demanding hardware it requires. I’m very particular about the frames-per-second and anti-aliasing. There are only a few games which I’ll play on my PC each year, and by the time I touch on my 3rd game, my graphics card isn’t fast enough. Each gfx card upgrade costs me enough to get 2-3 consoles!

Finally, I decided to hoot the Xbox360. I managed to get a used set from a friendly dude at 300 bucks. It’s a classic bundle set with 2 wireless controllers, 20GB HDD and 2 games (PGR3 and N3). Seldom used and in pristine condition. The seller threw in Fifa07 game too:

Since it is an old set, it’s prone to the RROD failure. Manufactured in Dec ‘06, I still got 1 year till the warranty for this failure runs out.
I logged on to my free 1 month LIVE gold subscription. It was totally awesome. The connections was fuss free. You have the ability to talk to people you’re playing the game with, search and view each others profile on screen, chat with them (text/voice/video), download games and more. You basically have a belonging in a virtual world and have your own avatars (mine shown above).

Ok ok.. I’m a newbie at this now. I feel like a little high-tech kid again. 8) I instantly bought MS points online and puchased Super Street Fighter II HD Turbo. When such classic memories are concerned, there’s no thinking twice! This game is completely redrawn to suit today’s HD standards:

I also competed online in PGR3 (Project Gotham Racing 3), and my wife had a fun time with the arcade classic HeXic. I might consider signing up for a year’s subscription, depending on the time I have with this. I just awe at what Microsoft has done with this almost-perfect one-stop seamless entertainment :D

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