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Posted on 22 December 2008 @ 5:39 pm GMT+8

I visited the new JB checkpoint for the first time yesterday. I decided to give my clutch foot a rest and took a bus there. On my way there, I was pleased to notice that the whole “old” immigration area on the Malaysia’s side was clear with very little cars. As the bus went towards the new checkpoint, I realized that the lanes merged to 2 lanes only. Bus and cars shared the same traffic!

The lanes were moving continuously but slowly. We reached the checkpoint after almost an hour on the bus. The new checkpoint is called “JB Sentral” as opposed to “KL Sentral” in KL. It is well built, and there was massive empty space there, all ready to attack those seasonal crowds. We had to walk a lot just to get out of that place. The end of the checkpoint lead to a bridge to City Square shopping center. Finally, some convenience.
On our way back, the bus terminal at the checkpoint was a complete mess. The space was too small to handle the crowds and bus platforms were not visible enough (as shown above). The queues were so long and we had to walk far to find out where each queue was headed/ending.

This time, I felt that it’s more worth to drive in instead of taking the bus, as there seemed to be no priority lanes for buses. There are more lanes for the cars as compared to the older checkpoint now. Also, the distance on road from the old checkpoint to the new one is pretty long and winding.

Overall, the new facility is well built and an eye-candy, but was built just on the basis of location, and not caring about commuters having to move alot before ending up in their country.

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