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Posted on 26 December 2008 @ 11:27 am GMT+8

I just ported by Singtel landline onto Starhub, because of their interesting offer. A free VeCM (voice-enabled cable modem) is also given, and that comes to a total of 3 cable modems in my house now :) This was done 4 days ago, but the problem is still not fixed by Starhub now. Well, here’s the problem:

Outgoing calls can be made from the Starhub line, but incoming calls do not ring my phones. I decided to plug back one of my phones to the old “deactivated” Singtel line. Guess what? It has a nice ring tone, AND takes in incoming calls too! Also, to my surprise, I can call 2 different people using my 2 phones! Both phone numbers are the same, as my mobile phone’s callerID displays the same correct number for both lines. To summarize it all, I now have 2 outgoing lines, and 1 incoming line :P

My dad called them up last morning, and I called them once in the afternoon. Looks like they’re in a holiday mood…

Adding on to the problem: I re-wired my rooms so that I can use just 1 modem for internet and voice, and realized that the modem I received was not activated for internet access. I called them up again in the evening, and the service personnel took down my modem MAC ID and told me it’ll be updated in about 30-60mins. 3hours later, I had to call them up again and refresh their memory on both of my problems! This time, it’s been escalated as an urgent matter, and I’ll be contacted today.

Coincidentally, my on-board network card got screwed too. I took quite some time troubleshooting this problem as the modem was not working as well :( Lucky for me, I had a standby NIC on hand.

Come on Starhub… don’t fail on your loyal customer.

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