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Posted on 29 December 2008 @ 8:39 pm GMT+8

There’s this road that bends right around my neighborhood, Sin Ming Avenue. Apparently this area was said to be a cemetery in the olden times. Coincidentally I’ve seen a lot of accidents and near-misses on that stretch of road. I’ve seen a Mercedes mount the footpath (almost missing the tree) and a car doing a 180 degree skid and hitting the center divider.

On that stretch of road, there’s a T-junction that extends to Sin Ming Walk. I’ve seen a lorry bashing up the rear of a car and also a car hitting a bike with pillion on it at night, with a victim cursing and swearing at the driver.

Today at about 1pm, yet a similar accident has occurred right on that junction:


It looks like the taxi was not able to react on the on-coming biker. Despite having bad experiences with taxi drivers on the roads, I would reserve my further comments. I hope all/any casualties are safe. Now.. I wonder if this stretch of road is haunted…

3 Responses to “Yet another accident on that misfortuned road”
  1. dead_cockroach Says:

    It doesnt help that the crematorium is at sin ming too…

  2. Garfield Says:

    Are you sure about that junction being part of a cemetery? Yikes!!! I just bought a ground floor HDB unit there. I thought the cemetery was further in.

  3. Imraneo Says:

    Yea, I believe the cemetery was further in, and now it’s a condo. But really.. I have no idea about the details. Well, don’t have to be too superstitious, and just drive carefully on that stretch.

    I believe ya got a maisonette? Welcome to the neighborhood!

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