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Posted on 28 January 2009 @ 9:58 am GMT+8

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I watched Inkheart 3 days ago in JB. I was skeptical about this movie at first as I’m not a fantasy person, but upon reading the synopsis, I found it interesting. It’s basically about a guy and his daughter who are called “silvertongues”, meaning they have the abilities to bring book characters to life by simply reading the book aloud.


The poster also gives you the impression that it is CG-heavy (lots of special effects), but I was wrong! Simple camera effects (which I belive I can do them in Adobe Premiere) are used when characters are brought in and out of books. The only time when special effects are intensly used is during the finale, when the biggest villian “Shadow” is unleashed (shown top of poster).

I would give credits for the beautiful filming locations and a fairly simple storyline. If you can’t find other movies to watch or your kids are begging you to take them see this movie, go right ahead. If you’re someone who expects Lord Of the Rings type of special effects, you’d be disappointed. As for me.. I guess I watched it because of Brendan Fraser. If I knew more about this movies, I would have gone for Bride Wars instead :)

More about the movie on IMDb and Wikipedia.

Posted on 26 January 2009 @ 3:48 pm GMT+8

Once again, I decided to spend my good money in JB for obvious reasons. I was out for 13 hours and made my rounds in my favorite places like City Square and Tebrau City. When me and my wife headed for breakfast, it was sad to know that our regular prata joint is closed and the shop lot had a “for rent” sign on it. We had to find an alternative nearby to have 2 plain and 2 egg pratas with hot Milos.

While I was searching for games in City Square, I came accross pirated Blu-Ray discs. I was really surprised as those discs are very expensive to re-produce. There’s no way they can be pirated in this era. I was right.. they were only sourced from a BluRay and then printed onto DVDs. The cover designs were also of Blu-Rays. What a rip-off! For RM15, I didn’t try them out.

The new JB checkpoint was a mess like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, but I also said that it’s more worthwhile to drive instead. Thats what I did and it took me merely 25mins in the queue to the JB checkpoint. Not bad actually, and it ends nearer towards Giant hypermart and Tebrau City. Nice! In Tebrau City, we had Zinger Tower from KFC:


At first look, I was expecting double Zinger patty, but that was not the case. They had hashbrown instead. It was all good, but the yellow chilli lime sauce spoilt it. Cheese wedges that came with the meal made up for it.

After the meal, we watched Inkheart, starring Brendan Fraser. Having digested the food during the movie, we headed to Secret Recipe for some cakes.


We had Chocolate Indulgence and Mocha Walnut. Indulgence was totally awesome, and I would recommend everyone to go try it out. It’s worth every penny. The Mocha Walnut wasn’t as good as we’re not die-hard fans of coffee and it was abit more dry with less cream in it.

We headed back to the town area (where City Square is) for some good’ol Ramly burgers. I got 2 special burgers and 1 super mix. The super consists of 2 patties (I got 1 chicken, 1 beef) and all wrapped in egg. All ready to head back to Singapore. I was pleased to know that Malaysia oil prices are RM1.80 per litre now. The JB checkpoint was a breeze despite a longer alternative route to it, but the Singapore checkpoint was real slow.

SG customs and ICA should feel ashamed of themselves providing such poor service. The fact that Mat Selamat escaped -> everyone has to suffer in the additional security provided by full-time Civil Defence NSFs! That’s a total exploitation of NSFs methinks. At the end of the checkpoint, there was a red traffic signal causing the whole traffic to jam up till towards JB. I was no idea what happened, but I think speed should be an equal priority as security, which they seriously lack.

Posted on 19 January 2009 @ 9:34 pm GMT+8

This seems to be the second time I’m reporting a taxi getting involved in an accident (no matter how major or minor)… and I’m getting the hang of it! :P I saw this on my way back home this evening:


Apparently the taxi driver lost control and ended up hitting the biker. Nothing flew, but the biker was on the ground completely. The biker being aged, took some time to get back up. To make his life worse, the taxi’s bumper was covering the back of the bike. It took a while before the taxi driver got some sense to reverse. When the biker was back up, he was furious and kicked the taxi’s door while cursing (ok, I couldn’t hear it though..) It was quite a scene and I reckon the taxi passenger felt ashamed of his driver…

Posted on 16 January 2009 @ 10:51 pm GMT+8

I first read about this movie in the newspapers where it was mentioned that it was nominated for various awards. Despite my all time favorite actor Anil Kapoor starring in it, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Only until recently when it won 4 Golden Globe awards, including best original score by AR Rahman, I decided to catch it.


This movie is basically about how an uneducated boy living in the slums, working as a tea waiter “chai-wala” made his way to being a millionaire in India through the show “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. On his way up, he got arrested before the final show due to suspicion of cheating.

I didn’t quite like the idea of using the millionaire show as the backbone of the film, but I would give it thumbs up for the potrayal of slums and poverty in India. It had disturbing scenes on how homeless kids are used to beg on the streets, all for their “masters”. The way the story is told is pretty straight forward. However, I did find some parts ridiculous like how fluent the slumdogs are in English. Anyway, I would recommend this movie for it’s uniqueness and challenging shots into the less-seen world of India.

More info on this movie here.

Posted on 14 January 2009 @ 8:44 am GMT+8

I’m pretty sure every one of ya guys have seen a flying car in a movie and went “what if we had them in real life..” Well, a Massachusetts company founded by MIT graduates are getting ready to test-drive (or fly) it’s flying car/drivable aircraft. It has foldable wings, which makes it convert from a road vehicle to an air one. I was hoping to see something like the DeLorean featured in the Back to the Future movie series, but here’s how it looks like:


It kinda reminds me of a giant mouse. Here’s a snippet of the news:

The two-seater vehicle fits into the light sport aircraft category and has an anticipated price tag of $148,000.

Foldable wings, though, may not make some passengers feel safe in the sky. Dietrich said making sure the wings stay erect while in flight was one of Terrafugia’s biggest engineering challenges.

Well, I can say this type of vehicle would be a God-send to the congested traffic here. But then again… we don’t want to see ERP gantries in the mid-air now, would you? Full news here.

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