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Posted on 28 January 2009 @ 9:58 am GMT+8

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I watched Inkheart 3 days ago in JB. I was skeptical about this movie at first as I’m not a fantasy person, but upon reading the synopsis, I found it interesting. It’s basically about a guy and his daughter who are called “silvertongues”, meaning they have the abilities to bring book characters to life by simply reading the book aloud.


The poster also gives you the impression that it is CG-heavy (lots of special effects), but I was wrong! Simple camera effects (which I belive I can do them in Adobe Premiere) are used when characters are brought in and out of books. The only time when special effects are intensly used is during the finale, when the biggest villian “Shadow” is unleashed (shown top of poster).

I would give credits for the beautiful filming locations and a fairly simple storyline. If you can’t find other movies to watch or your kids are begging you to take them see this movie, go right ahead. If you’re someone who expects Lord Of the Rings type of special effects, you’d be disappointed. As for me.. I guess I watched it because of Brendan Fraser. If I knew more about this movies, I would have gone for Bride Wars instead :)

More about the movie on IMDb and Wikipedia.

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  1. Electric Shower · Says:

    the visual effects of inkheart is really great, but i the visual of effects of Transformers is the best ~

  2. Flatware Sets %0A Says:

    inkheart has great graphics but the story is not that very impressive *`’

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