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Posted on 21 February 2009 @ 12:23 pm GMT+8

I’m very sure we have heard about 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio televisions, with the latter being increasingly popular. While the market is still getting people to move on to wide-screen TVs, Philips launches an ultra wide-screen TV, with a cinematically perfect aspect ratio of 21:9.

If you notice, black bars are still present on the top and bottom of our wide-screen TVs while watching most movies. That because of the movie aspect format which is 21:9 (more commonly known as 2.39:1, although not exactly same)


This is where this TV comes in, delivering a border-free video. Now I got so many questions in my mind, like how 16:9/4:3 videos are handled and is this a beginning of a new standard? Anyways, it’s a 56″ panel and Philips have firmed up its pricing to be €4,000 (SG$7712). This TV was announced earlier this year and its gonna be out this June.

Check out more pictures here. Also, learn more about aspect ratios on Wiki.

Posted on 17 February 2009 @ 6:04 pm GMT+8

HTC has always been real fast in releasing their devices, almost every 6 months or so. Their innovative updates are far from being rumours, meaning once you see any leaked out pictures of any of their upcoming devices, it mean’s it’s gonna be released pretty soon.


This time round, HTC announced in the recent Mobile World Congress 2009 that new versions of the current Diamond and Touch Pro will emerge, respectively naming them Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2. The designs look very high-tech (it’s HTC, duh!) and business-like.
Below are links to their specs:

Touch Diamond2 specs

Touch Pro2 specs

Comparison of old & new devices

Right now, I can only say that HTC is pushing for wide-screen devices, which is a trend started by the iPhone and Samsung Omnia. This is a good thing, as more software providers will have to consider wide-screen resolutions for their products.

Other than that, I would say that these devices aren’t that phenomenal. Besides the wide-screen, the rest of the specs are very similar to their predecessors. One new innovation to take note is the zoom slider. Since the “invisible scroll wheel” on the older devices is not there anymore, HTC has a touch sensitive slider below the screen which assists the user in zooming functions in certain applications like Google maps and photo album. Nice and simple touch (no pun intended!).

Would I upgrade to any of these devices? Not just yet. My Diamond has been very comfortable, especially with 3rd party applications which makes use of all the sensors, and also the wonderful ROM updates from HTC and friends at XDA-Dev which speeds up the device.

I would however instantly upgrade to anything with the new Qualcomm’s SnapDragon (1Ghz) processor and/or WM7. That would be at end 2009 :)

Posted on 13 February 2009 @ 12:53 am GMT+8

I came accross this article yesterday and it disgusted me quite a bit:

JB nursing homes draw some S’poreans

Here’s a short snippet from the article that caught my attention:

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who said Singaporeans could save money by using JB nursing homes. For what it costs to board someone in a private nursing home here, ‘you can stretch it easily to pay for at least 21/2 months of nursing home care in Johor Baru’, he said.

Can you imagine.. the government is doing everything to their advantage. If Malaysia has cheap petrol, we in Singapore have to make sure that our fuel tanks are 3/4 filled up before entering Malaysia, so as not to make use of their low-cost heavily subsidised petrol. When it comes to ever-rising population of old folks, go right ahead and dump them in JB.. and it’s cheap!

Check out public responses here. Khaw should be ashamed of his statement. This is so wrong :(

Posted on 7 February 2009 @ 12:42 am GMT+8

When I heard Microsoft released a beta version of Windows 7 to public, I got all excited and quickly downloaded the 2.6GB installation image. I managed to install the OS to my secondary aging hard disk, and ended up experiencing poor performance, speed wise.


Nevertheless, I was impressed by the additional features and eye candy that it offers. I came out with a short feature on Windows 7 beta full of screenshots. Click on the following link to access the feature:

Windows 7 beta in screenshots

I was also astonished to learn from many other users on the net that this OS is indeed much faster than Windows Vista and comparable in speed with Windows XP. You can basically dump this in an old PC and expect decent performance!

I’ve compiled some useful links released to this new OS. Do check them out too.

Windows 7 review - PC Advisor

First look at Windows 7’s User Interface - Ars Technica

Windows 7: How Low Can You Go? :: Articles :: www.hardwarezone.com

Windows 7 News

Windows 7 - Wikipedia

Engineering Windows 7

SuperSite for Windows: Windows “7″ FAQ

Windows 7 the hard core review


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