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Posted on 13 February 2009 @ 12:53 am GMT+8

I came accross this article yesterday and it disgusted me quite a bit:

JB nursing homes draw some S’poreans

Here’s a short snippet from the article that caught my attention:

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who said Singaporeans could save money by using JB nursing homes. For what it costs to board someone in a private nursing home here, ‘you can stretch it easily to pay for at least 21/2 months of nursing home care in Johor Baru’, he said.

Can you imagine.. the government is doing everything to their advantage. If Malaysia has cheap petrol, we in Singapore have to make sure that our fuel tanks are 3/4 filled up before entering Malaysia, so as not to make use of their low-cost heavily subsidised petrol. When it comes to ever-rising population of old folks, go right ahead and dump them in JB.. and it’s cheap!

Check out public responses here. Khaw should be ashamed of his statement. This is so wrong :(

3 Responses to “Health minister encourages sending old folks to JB homes”
  1. Harmony Says:

    He’s acting just like a typical Singaporean.

  2. NotXingaporian Says:

    Kwah is lost for words la.. the old saying, “Sow and reap” in spore is “Sow and be ripped off”

    Ho Chee alrdy lost billions n stepped down.So Khaw expects pple read between the lines, n means; ya la now poor alrdy better go cheaper alternative, wht can i do…can’t giv diskount for u all la…

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