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Posted on 14 May 2009 @ 3:00 pm GMT+8

I’m sure most Singaporeans are familiar with the yearly Philips Carnival sale. It’s more like a festival here with the Philips development centre bustling with crowds that are busy hooting the best deals from unsold Philips products. It’s usually conducted every September, but this year, it’s in May.


I’m pretty sure this is due to the economic slowdown whereby the consumer sector is greatly affected, thus having unsold products. Also, having large scale sales like this one and the recent IT show boost sales up to figures that are incredible at this period.

For me, It’s simply bad timing. I am looking for an LCD TV, but in a few months time. September would have been ideal, but now I gotta check how cheap it’s gonna be during this sale, before I bring forward my purchase. This sale happens next weekend on the 23-24 May. For more details on location, click here.

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