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Posted on 29 November 2009 @ 1:41 pm GMT+8

I’ve been really busy that I only found out about the on-going Sitex (Singapore IT Exhibition) on the first day it started. The first thing I did was to check out my favorite online exhibition price-list site. It was time to get a new LCD monitor. No, my trusty Dell FP2001 LCD hasn’t died on me yet. In fact, it’s still working the same way it did when I first bought it some 5 years ago. Now that’s $1600 well spent! I am going to setup a new system for my dad and thus passing this LCD to him. (Gives me an opportunity to indulge in new wide screens!)

From my previous post, I am trying to achieve in making my PC greener, with less power consumption and noise generated. Therefore, LED back-lit monitors were very attractive to me, despite the price. In Sitex, there were 3 LED back-lit models that I saw. LG, Samsung and Acer. LG and Samsung design was very glossy, and the monitor looked more like televisions. It looked more like a fashion item than a techie item. Finally, the Acer S243HL caught my eye with it’s unique design.

acerledAs you can see, the monitor stand is right-aligned with it’s controls and light embedded in it. Also, the whole screen have a very flat look from the back. There are no curves whatsoever and that gave a consistent 1.5cm thickness to it throughout. How much power do I save? Well, my previous Dell 20.1″ used 90 watts. This Acer model uses only 17.15 watts. Not only the design that caught my eye, this monitor was cheaper as well. I got it for $438, as compared to the rest, which were around $490+.

I’m looking at it as I type right now. The colors look good, and thankfully I did not get any dead pixels. There are some features that were not available like wall-mounting, rotation, height adjustment, USB hub, etc, but none of them were that important to me. Sure.. it’s an Acer, but if they’re so bad, how come they’re at shows year after year? Go figure!

Check out the official page.


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