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Posted on 21 February 2010 @ 7:41 pm GMT+8

I was in JB yesterday, doing the usual (shopping, food, etc). I went to Tebrau city and Giant hypermart at Southern city. As I was finding a parking lot at Giant hypermart, I came across an unusual sight at the carpark:


The red car was parked out of a lot, all the way back against another black car. Yes, I mean parked, as in no driver in it at all. It’s ass was pressing against the black car such that the black car wouldn’t be able to get out of it’s lot. Also, the actual lot where the red car supposed to be remained empty. I guess people didn’t want to park there in case the red car driver decides to pull another stunt!


It’s probably the red car driver was pissed with the black car driver and didn’t want him to leave. Most unlikely the car malfunctioned after hitting the black car… but who knows eh? This scene was there for sometime as I saw it when I was about to leave the place a couple of hours later.


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