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Imraneo Husain's Facebook Profile

What's up everyone! First of all, thanks for dropping by my site. Here's a brief bio of myself (a little ripped-off friendster), for those who are interesting in keeping in touch.

Male, late 20s
Marital status: Married (sorry gals!)

Location: Singapore *sigh*

Company: Automation i
ndustry / Consumer electronics

Schools: Chong Li Primary, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary, Bishan Park Secondary, NanYang Polytechnic, RMIT

Occupation: Engineer, Tech consultant

Hobbies and Interests: Movies, Web designing, Music, Cars, and more IT. More about web design here

Favorite Foods:
Pizza, butter chicken, cheddar cheese, Ramly burgers

Favorite Books:
I don't read! (although magazines are fine)
Favorite Movies: True Lies, Mummy series, Matrix series, Bad Boys series, The Rock, iRobot, and many more action ones.. and some Hindi ones. More info here

Favorite Music: Trance, Paul van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Madonna (trance tunes), New Age, Celtic, Enya, Techno, Oakenfold remixes, Corrs, MJ, AR Rahman. More info here

Favorite TV Shows: Chop Shop- London Garage, Ali G Show, Southpark, Simpsons, Friends, The OC, Desperate Housewives, Discovery Turbo channel

Favorite Stars: Nicholas Cage, Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Ajay Devgan, Rani Mukherjee

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

About Me: I'm basically a hard-headed typical guy. Frankly, I consider
myself decent, with a sense of speed on the roads. Friendship for me means more quality than quantity.