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Posted on 21 February 2010 @ 7:41 pm GMT+8

I was in JB yesterday, doing the usual (shopping, food, etc). I went to Tebrau city and Giant hypermart at Southern city. As I was finding a parking lot at Giant hypermart, I came across an unusual sight at the carpark:


The red car was parked out of a lot, all the way back against another black car. Yes, I mean parked, as in no driver in it at all. It’s ass was pressing against the black car such that the black car wouldn’t be able to get out of it’s lot. Also, the actual lot where the red car supposed to be remained empty. I guess people didn’t want to park there in case the red car driver decides to pull another stunt!


It’s probably the red car driver was pissed with the black car driver and didn’t want him to leave. Most unlikely the car malfunctioned after hitting the black car… but who knows eh? This scene was there for sometime as I saw it when I was about to leave the place a couple of hours later.

Posted on 9 July 2009 @ 12:26 am GMT+8

I was just strolling along Orchard road earlier this evening at about 10.30pm and a group of people standing around a zebra crossing between Lucky Plaza and the Rolex building caught my eye. I knew something was not right. As I approached the area, I saw a champagne-gold Toyota Altis crashed right into a pedestrian barrier, at the road which has the traffic flow apposite to the car’s direction.


As you can see from the last picture.. imagine if the barrier wasn’t there. The car could have gone for alot more distance, and injured/killed people as well! No relevant civil servants were present at the scene. The driver must be somewhere there disguising himself as a on-looker.. LOL!

Posted on 5 April 2009 @ 7:29 pm GMT+8

Following from my previous post on the movie Knowing, my second movie which I watched yesterday was Fast & Furious 4. I added the “4″ in there to avoid confusion with the 1st movie in the series with a similar name. The movie in Malaysia and Singapore is also named with a “4″. I mainly watched this movie because of it’s guaranteed entertainment entertainment level based on it’s predecessors and not to mention the hot cars.


One thing I liked about this movie was the cast which was totally original (Michelle Rodriguez having about 15mins of screen time..) Other than that, sadly I have to say that this movie didn’t created an impact as the rest of the movies in the series. I can only remember 2 major road sequences. 1st sequence was pretty thrilling, as they try to rob an oil tanker, featuring the Asian character Han from the 3rd part, Tokyo Drift. This movie takes place in the time line after 2Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift.

One other major race (one and only, I would say) was done with a new concept, very similar to what you experience in video games such as Midnight Club. Every racer has he’s own GPS and the route is determined through it. To make it more thrilling, there are no road closures, meaning the race takes place amongst other road users!

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t think this movie was better than the other in the series, probably because I expected more cars. This part focused more in storyline, less in cars or official races. Anyways, if you fancy watching the original cast, then do catch it on the big screen.

Visit the official site.

Posted on 19 January 2009 @ 9:34 pm GMT+8

This seems to be the second time I’m reporting a taxi getting involved in an accident (no matter how major or minor)… and I’m getting the hang of it! :P I saw this on my way back home this evening:


Apparently the taxi driver lost control and ended up hitting the biker. Nothing flew, but the biker was on the ground completely. The biker being aged, took some time to get back up. To make his life worse, the taxi’s bumper was covering the back of the bike. It took a while before the taxi driver got some sense to reverse. When the biker was back up, he was furious and kicked the taxi’s door while cursing (ok, I couldn’t hear it though..) It was quite a scene and I reckon the taxi passenger felt ashamed of his driver…

Posted on 14 January 2009 @ 8:44 am GMT+8

I’m pretty sure every one of ya guys have seen a flying car in a movie and went “what if we had them in real life..” Well, a Massachusetts company founded by MIT graduates are getting ready to test-drive (or fly) it’s flying car/drivable aircraft. It has foldable wings, which makes it convert from a road vehicle to an air one. I was hoping to see something like the DeLorean featured in the Back to the Future movie series, but here’s how it looks like:


It kinda reminds me of a giant mouse. Here’s a snippet of the news:

The two-seater vehicle fits into the light sport aircraft category and has an anticipated price tag of $148,000.

Foldable wings, though, may not make some passengers feel safe in the sky. Dietrich said making sure the wings stay erect while in flight was one of Terrafugia’s biggest engineering challenges.

Well, I can say this type of vehicle would be a God-send to the congested traffic here. But then again… we don’t want to see ERP gantries in the mid-air now, would you? Full news here.

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