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Posted on 14 May 2009 @ 3:00 pm GMT+8

I’m sure most Singaporeans are familiar with the yearly Philips Carnival sale. It’s more like a festival here with the Philips development centre bustling with crowds that are busy hooting the best deals from unsold Philips products. It’s usually conducted every September, but this year, it’s in May.


I’m pretty sure this is due to the economic slowdown whereby the consumer sector is greatly affected, thus having unsold products. Also, having large scale sales like this one and the recent IT show boost sales up to figures that are incredible at this period.

For me, It’s simply bad timing. I am looking for an LCD TV, but in a few months time. September would have been ideal, but now I gotta check how cheap it’s gonna be during this sale, before I bring forward my purchase. This sale happens next weekend on the 23-24 May. For more details on location, click here.

Posted on 30 March 2009 @ 12:40 pm GMT+8

I don’t believe this! I don’t know who is dumber.. the ignorant customer who thought 1GB RAM is sufficient for Vista, or Acer, who thinks they could pull off this stunt of selling under-spec ed machines.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco last Wednesday, Lora and Clay Wolph said that the Aspire notebook they bought in April 2008 “would not run properly” and would constantly freeze or crash when they tried to run Vista Home Premium.

Acer responded: ‘If the system does not run properly, please not that Windows Vista recommended requirements for the memory is 1GB of system memory. However, the minimum requirements is 512MB of memory in which your system is pre-installed with. This means that the system is still able to run Windows Vista properly.

Looks like Acer didn’t have a choice but to come out with this desperate answer. We all know that 1GB RAM for Windows Vista is a joke, let alone 512MB RAM! These days where RAM is dirt cheap, it should be illegal to sell 1GB machines. In fact, I required 2GB for my Windows XP machine!

Anyways, read up the whole story at Computerworld.

Posted on 12 March 2009 @ 9:25 pm GMT+8

A technology fair every 3 months in Singapore has been a norm for quite some time already. This year, it starts off with the IT Show, which started today till 15th March, Sunday.


The good folks from Bootstrike have been consistent in providing us with all the pricelists from all the shows. Pricelists for this year’s IT Show are out, and you can access it here. So watcha gonna buy?

Posted on 21 February 2009 @ 12:23 pm GMT+8

I’m very sure we have heard about 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio televisions, with the latter being increasingly popular. While the market is still getting people to move on to wide-screen TVs, Philips launches an ultra wide-screen TV, with a cinematically perfect aspect ratio of 21:9.

If you notice, black bars are still present on the top and bottom of our wide-screen TVs while watching most movies. That because of the movie aspect format which is 21:9 (more commonly known as 2.39:1, although not exactly same)


This is where this TV comes in, delivering a border-free video. Now I got so many questions in my mind, like how 16:9/4:3 videos are handled and is this a beginning of a new standard? Anyways, it’s a 56″ panel and Philips have firmed up its pricing to be €4,000 (SG$7712). This TV was announced earlier this year and its gonna be out this June.

Check out more pictures here. Also, learn more about aspect ratios on Wiki.

Posted on 17 February 2009 @ 6:04 pm GMT+8

HTC has always been real fast in releasing their devices, almost every 6 months or so. Their innovative updates are far from being rumours, meaning once you see any leaked out pictures of any of their upcoming devices, it mean’s it’s gonna be released pretty soon.


This time round, HTC announced in the recent Mobile World Congress 2009 that new versions of the current Diamond and Touch Pro will emerge, respectively naming them Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2. The designs look very high-tech (it’s HTC, duh!) and business-like.
Below are links to their specs:

Touch Diamond2 specs

Touch Pro2 specs

Comparison of old & new devices

Right now, I can only say that HTC is pushing for wide-screen devices, which is a trend started by the iPhone and Samsung Omnia. This is a good thing, as more software providers will have to consider wide-screen resolutions for their products.

Other than that, I would say that these devices aren’t that phenomenal. Besides the wide-screen, the rest of the specs are very similar to their predecessors. One new innovation to take note is the zoom slider. Since the “invisible scroll wheel” on the older devices is not there anymore, HTC has a touch sensitive slider below the screen which assists the user in zooming functions in certain applications like Google maps and photo album. Nice and simple touch (no pun intended!).

Would I upgrade to any of these devices? Not just yet. My Diamond has been very comfortable, especially with 3rd party applications which makes use of all the sensors, and also the wonderful ROM updates from HTC and friends at XDA-Dev which speeds up the device.

I would however instantly upgrade to anything with the new Qualcomm’s SnapDragon (1Ghz) processor and/or WM7. That would be at end 2009 :)

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