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Posted on 6 January 2010 @ 5:16 pm GMT+8

If you’re so passionate about movies, why not decorate your room with movie posters? Well, I for one is getting my new entertainment room ready and I thought having movie posters on my wall will give my room a more cinema-like feel.

One problem I had was that it’s pretty difficult to get posters here in Singapore. I wanted to order them online but posters are something you need to see and feel before purchase. Besides, I can’t wait for shipping time!

Then I realised a few years back, there was a shop in Suntec City selling posters and movie stuffs. A quick search in Google revealed that the shop has shifted to the Esplanade in recent times. Behold, PopcornPop!

Despite the higher price of posters on it’s website, I decided to hop on to their shop. It’s a relative small shop but full on variety for movie fans. Their in-store catalog seemed to have more posters than their online catalog (for the case of “The day after tomorrow” poster, which I couldn’t find online).

The service is excellent, and their staff are young and friendly. They’re not “over-friendly”, so you get really comfortable taking time to browse their stuffs. Looking at the size of the posters, I got myself 3 original posters (see below). They’re all directed by Roland Emmerich and I’m a disaster movie fan.

They sell 3 types of posters. Original prints (mostly double sided for light boxes - for cinemas), Commercial posters (for retail, lower quality and slightly smaller) and Value prints (similar to commercial, but in high volume for mass market).

Prices vary a lot due to the demand of the movie itself. They also sell other movie memorabilias like key chains, magnets, etc. Look through their webby to know more. Frames for the posters turned out to be more expensive than the posters themselves, so I decided to get them from IKEA for much cheaper price.

Stay tuned for a segment on my new entertainment room, that’s when I’m done with it! Lastly, wishing all my readers a Happy 2010!

Posted on 5 April 2009 @ 7:29 pm GMT+8

Following from my previous post on the movie Knowing, my second movie which I watched yesterday was Fast & Furious 4. I added the “4″ in there to avoid confusion with the 1st movie in the series with a similar name. The movie in Malaysia and Singapore is also named with a “4″. I mainly watched this movie because of it’s guaranteed entertainment entertainment level based on it’s predecessors and not to mention the hot cars.


One thing I liked about this movie was the cast which was totally original (Michelle Rodriguez having about 15mins of screen time..) Other than that, sadly I have to say that this movie didn’t created an impact as the rest of the movies in the series. I can only remember 2 major road sequences. 1st sequence was pretty thrilling, as they try to rob an oil tanker, featuring the Asian character Han from the 3rd part, Tokyo Drift. This movie takes place in the time line after 2Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift.

One other major race (one and only, I would say) was done with a new concept, very similar to what you experience in video games such as Midnight Club. Every racer has he’s own GPS and the route is determined through it. To make it more thrilling, there are no road closures, meaning the race takes place amongst other road users!

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t think this movie was better than the other in the series, probably because I expected more cars. This part focused more in storyline, less in cars or official races. Anyways, if you fancy watching the original cast, then do catch it on the big screen.

Visit the official site.

Posted on 5 April 2009 @ 7:28 pm GMT+8

Yesterday, I went to JB for my usual rounds of shopping and food, with an additional purpose. Knock myself out with 2 movies. I haven’t been watching movies there for sometime now as there were no movies worth watching then. This season, I had 2 movies which I looked forward to, Knowing and Fast & Furious. Lets start with Knowing.

Being a fan of Nicolas Cage and disaster movies, this instantly becomes a most sought after films this season. This film is about how a boy finds a paper full of numbers which was buried in a time capsule some 50 years ago. Apparently these numbers mean and dates, location and number of people that were killed in any disaster. As the film’s tag line states “What happens if the number run out?”, you probably guessed it, an Armageddon scenario. Whether it happens or not, it’s up to you to find out.


Personally, I found the idea of this movie very interesting. There were 2 major disaster occurrences in the movie which was very well displayed with CG. One of the sequences involved an airplane crashing down onto a field, with it’s wings slicing the highway full of cars. That was totally awesome and worth watching it on the big screen. The sound effects had that “in your face” result which reminded me of the time I watched Twister some 13 years ago with DTS.

In conclusion, I would urge anyone to go watch this movie and to find out what happens when the numbers run out. Here are some related links:

Official site

IMDB Profile

High resolution poster

Also check out JB movie marathon 2: Fast & Furious 4

Posted on 21 February 2009 @ 12:23 pm GMT+8

I’m very sure we have heard about 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio televisions, with the latter being increasingly popular. While the market is still getting people to move on to wide-screen TVs, Philips launches an ultra wide-screen TV, with a cinematically perfect aspect ratio of 21:9.

If you notice, black bars are still present on the top and bottom of our wide-screen TVs while watching most movies. That because of the movie aspect format which is 21:9 (more commonly known as 2.39:1, although not exactly same)


This is where this TV comes in, delivering a border-free video. Now I got so many questions in my mind, like how 16:9/4:3 videos are handled and is this a beginning of a new standard? Anyways, it’s a 56″ panel and Philips have firmed up its pricing to be €4,000 (SG$7712). This TV was announced earlier this year and its gonna be out this June.

Check out more pictures here. Also, learn more about aspect ratios on Wiki.

Posted on 28 January 2009 @ 9:58 am GMT+8

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I watched Inkheart 3 days ago in JB. I was skeptical about this movie at first as I’m not a fantasy person, but upon reading the synopsis, I found it interesting. It’s basically about a guy and his daughter who are called “silvertongues”, meaning they have the abilities to bring book characters to life by simply reading the book aloud.


The poster also gives you the impression that it is CG-heavy (lots of special effects), but I was wrong! Simple camera effects (which I belive I can do them in Adobe Premiere) are used when characters are brought in and out of books. The only time when special effects are intensly used is during the finale, when the biggest villian “Shadow” is unleashed (shown top of poster).

I would give credits for the beautiful filming locations and a fairly simple storyline. If you can’t find other movies to watch or your kids are begging you to take them see this movie, go right ahead. If you’re someone who expects Lord Of the Rings type of special effects, you’d be disappointed. As for me.. I guess I watched it because of Brendan Fraser. If I knew more about this movies, I would have gone for Bride Wars instead :)

More about the movie on IMDb and Wikipedia.

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