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Posted on 21 December 2008 @ 10:50 pm GMT+8

Hello all! I finally converted my site into a WordPress system. WordPress allows more advanced publishing methods and many more features like tagging, categorizing, archiving and more. The reason why I avoided WordPress was because of it’s generic theme styles. Every blog out there seem to look similar!

I read up on theming for WordPress, and decided to clean up my design a bit while making my very own custom theme. Please do contact me for any bugs you see around. I am also in the process in fine-tuning the site further (if there’s any room for improvement). Also, feel free to leave any comments.

Thanks for reading.


Posted on 15 November 2008 @ 12:00 am GMT+8

Yo wassup fellas! Although I’ve been pretty dormant in the web scene, I plan to make this the last site for a long long time. This is mainly to make way for other commitments :P

This site should hopefully be easy to maintain, just getting this blog section heated up once in a while I wanna share stuffs. I may also plan to expand this site to offer services (who knows! :)). I will also accept anyone who wishes to add his/her content (reviews, pics, news) onto this site for exposure. Ya can contact me here.

Bear in mind, this ain’t a revenue generating website. I’ve got a day job for that! The ads you see around the site are basically a bonus, something I wanted to try, since I see soooo many Google ads around the net. Might as well try it out on ma own site.

Lastly, I decided to launch the site on 15.11.2008. I’ve gotta give myself a deadline, if not it’s never gonna get done. Why this date? Coz it’s the day I feel I’ve gotten a year older :D Enjoy and keep yr suggestions comin’!


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