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Due to my interest in music (particularly Trance), I've decided to share will you guys the sources of music; in MP3 and streaming form. This section will mainly be of interest to people who are into dance, house, techno and trance music.


ETN.FM (formerly known as TranceSphere) is one of the top trance internet radio stations. they play all kinds of trance, non-stop. It's highly recommended that you're on broadband to enjoy the high quality mp3 streams. Click on the links below to listen to the streams:


Trance Stream - 32kbps   128kbps  192kbps
Progressive Stream - 32kbps  128kbps  192kbps

My favorite section is the torrent section, where you can download the latest live sets. It's updated progressively, as soon as the DJ sets are played!


HKDJS Radio and it's the first on-line dance radio program from Hong Kong that broadcasts live DJ sets from Asia's finest dance music DJs, with a new mix every fortnight on Tuesday of the latest dance tunes around.

There are also DJ sets from in-house DJs which can be downloaded or streamed directly from the site:

HKDJs is also a DJ school/production house which provides courses on basically everything for a DJ. Check it out!


LaunchCast seems to a be heavily sponsored site, that provides free streaming music through Yahoo Messenger. It's convenient music at your fingertips, if you have YIM installed. What's more? It provides a wide genre of music. The "music that listens to you" concept is true here, as you can choose to skip tracks you don't like!

Quality is compromised here, but tolerable. A higher quality paid service is also available. Click on the icon above to view the LaunchCast radio station guide.

1Club FM

This is another internet's free radio station, that streams WMP/MP3 format music. It also provides social networking services whereby you can ass your profiles, blogs, photos, videos and also your own music! Click on the icon below to visit the site:

Here you will find many genres of music like classic rock, oldies, blues, latin and more. You may also click on the following link to connect you directly to the Trance channel page:

1Club FM Trance channel


I've listed all the types of music that interests me here, and you may consider listening to them:

I used to love Paul Van Dyk, but his tunes seem to divert off from the Trance genre at times. I've been a fan of Armin Van Buuren since, listening to his weekly radio show "A State of Trance" and also attended one of his gigs at Zouk Singapore. It was totally awesome.

Overall, I would say majority of music I listen to falls under Trance genre. I'm not a good lyric listener, so trance fits pretty well. I'm also attracted to trance tunes that is in some newer Madonna tracks and Hindi remixes. I started from techno, but seriously, some tunes were nice, but mostly contained senseless beats. Besides, it doesn't have the beautiful ambience that Trance provides.

You may download A State of Trance episode torrents from here.

New Age:
As for New Age music, I only listen to Enya and Enigma. I started listening to this genre ever since one of my friends introduced me to Enya's The Memory of Trees. Main component about New Age that I like would be the ambience. Also, I love the perfect voice of Enya, no matter what language she sings in!

I also enjoy listening to scores/songs composed by AR Rahman. He uses western instruments to invoke Indian music to his tracks. Some of my fave soundtracks would be from the movies Taal, Dil Se, Swades, Yuva, Takshak and Pukar.

Movie scores:
I've been pretty interested in movie scores ever since I watched the movie The Rock. I'll be looking out for the composer for the movies I watch. I'm particularly interested in the following composers:

Trevor Rabin
(The 6th Day, Gone in 60secs, National Treasure, Con Air)
Hans Zimmer
(Black Hawk Down, The Rock, Gladiator, MI:2)
James Newton Howard
(Vertical Limit, Blood Diamond, I Am Legend, Dark Knight)
Danny Elfman
(Batman, Spiderman, Mission Impossible)

I used to be a fan of Michael Jackson for a very long time. In fact, my first CD was MJ's Bad album. I backtracked his song till the Thriller album and enjoyed all his songs till the HIStory album. I haven't been keeping in touch with his newer works as I've been busy with Trance and Hindi remixes :)

Another large part of this section belongs to Hindi pop music. I'm more inclined to remixes, as opposed to the original versions, as they mix more electronic music into traditional. I'm particularly on the lookout for the singers Sukhwinder Singh and Alisha Chinai for their unique voices.

My Playlist:
I've selectively added some tracks that I've been pretty fond of into this playlist. Of course, there's a whole lot more. I'll refine and expand this list slowly as time goes by.

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