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Posted on 21 February 2010 @ 7:41 pm GMT+8

I was in JB yesterday, doing the usual (shopping, food, etc). I went to Tebrau city and Giant hypermart at Southern city. As I was finding a parking lot at Giant hypermart, I came across an unusual sight at the carpark:


The red car was parked out of a lot, all the way back against another black car. Yes, I mean parked, as in no driver in it at all. It’s ass was pressing against the black car such that the black car wouldn’t be able to get out of it’s lot. Also, the actual lot where the red car supposed to be remained empty. I guess people didn’t want to park there in case the red car driver decides to pull another stunt!


It’s probably the red car driver was pissed with the black car driver and didn’t want him to leave. Most unlikely the car malfunctioned after hitting the black car… but who knows eh? This scene was there for sometime as I saw it when I was about to leave the place a couple of hours later.

Posted on 6 January 2010 @ 5:16 pm GMT+8

If you’re so passionate about movies, why not decorate your room with movie posters? Well, I for one is getting my new entertainment room ready and I thought having movie posters on my wall will give my room a more cinema-like feel.

One problem I had was that it’s pretty difficult to get posters here in Singapore. I wanted to order them online but posters are something you need to see and feel before purchase. Besides, I can’t wait for shipping time!

Then I realised a few years back, there was a shop in Suntec City selling posters and movie stuffs. A quick search in Google revealed that the shop has shifted to the Esplanade in recent times. Behold, PopcornPop!

Despite the higher price of posters on it’s website, I decided to hop on to their shop. It’s a relative small shop but full on variety for movie fans. Their in-store catalog seemed to have more posters than their online catalog (for the case of “The day after tomorrow” poster, which I couldn’t find online).

The service is excellent, and their staff are young and friendly. They’re not “over-friendly”, so you get really comfortable taking time to browse their stuffs. Looking at the size of the posters, I got myself 3 original posters (see below). They’re all directed by Roland Emmerich and I’m a disaster movie fan.

They sell 3 types of posters. Original prints (mostly double sided for light boxes - for cinemas), Commercial posters (for retail, lower quality and slightly smaller) and Value prints (similar to commercial, but in high volume for mass market).

Prices vary a lot due to the demand of the movie itself. They also sell other movie memorabilias like key chains, magnets, etc. Look through their webby to know more. Frames for the posters turned out to be more expensive than the posters themselves, so I decided to get them from IKEA for much cheaper price.

Stay tuned for a segment on my new entertainment room, that’s when I’m done with it! Lastly, wishing all my readers a Happy 2010!

Posted on 29 November 2009 @ 1:41 pm GMT+8

I’ve been really busy that I only found out about the on-going Sitex (Singapore IT Exhibition) on the first day it started. The first thing I did was to check out my favorite online exhibition price-list site. It was time to get a new LCD monitor. No, my trusty Dell FP2001 LCD hasn’t died on me yet. In fact, it’s still working the same way it did when I first bought it some 5 years ago. Now that’s $1600 well spent! I am going to setup a new system for my dad and thus passing this LCD to him. (Gives me an opportunity to indulge in new wide screens!)

From my previous post, I am trying to achieve in making my PC greener, with less power consumption and noise generated. Therefore, LED back-lit monitors were very attractive to me, despite the price. In Sitex, there were 3 LED back-lit models that I saw. LG, Samsung and Acer. LG and Samsung design was very glossy, and the monitor looked more like televisions. It looked more like a fashion item than a techie item. Finally, the Acer S243HL caught my eye with it’s unique design.

acerledAs you can see, the monitor stand is right-aligned with it’s controls and light embedded in it. Also, the whole screen have a very flat look from the back. There are no curves whatsoever and that gave a consistent 1.5cm thickness to it throughout. How much power do I save? Well, my previous Dell 20.1″ used 90 watts. This Acer model uses only 17.15 watts. Not only the design that caught my eye, this monitor was cheaper as well. I got it for $438, as compared to the rest, which were around $490+.

I’m looking at it as I type right now. The colors look good, and thankfully I did not get any dead pixels. There are some features that were not available like wall-mounting, rotation, height adjustment, USB hub, etc, but none of them were that important to me. Sure.. it’s an Acer, but if they’re so bad, how come they’re at shows year after year? Go figure!

Check out the official page.

Posted on 28 October 2009 @ 1:28 am GMT+8

It’s been a pretty long time since I last posted here! (a very long time, actually >3mths). For a moment there, I almost forgot that I do have a blog.. LOL.
Well, a lot of things have been keeping me busy lately like daddy-hood, getting a house, etc.

Let me get to the post now. Ever since I shifted my gaming to the Xbox360 console, I realized that I can easily do away with PC gaming and save a lot of money upgrading on PC hardware. Not only PC gaming hardware cost quit a bit, they generate a lot of heat and uses a lot more energy to run compared to your standard Dell office desktop.

Thus, I was planning to build a “green” PC using the Intel Atom solution. Knowing my needs to play HD movies and also the need to have 2 screens for my average use, I was contemplating on on whether to go on with the purchase or not. Just that moment, I got excessive graphics corruption on my PC and I told myself perhaps it’s more cost-effective to slowly convert my current system to be more green and energy efficient.

First, I looked at the 2 hottest stuff in my PC. They happen to be my WD Velociraptor 150GB running at 10K rpm and my beloved Leadtek GeForce 8800GTS 320MB with it’s humongous fan-sink. The graphics card definitely has to go, due to it’s malfunction (or maybe it’s just overheating).

I was keen on getting a low-power card that could be powerful for my media-centre needs like playing HD movies and also be fan-less. After scanning through Sim Lim Square, I found that the only one that fits my requirements was the XFX 9400GT 1GB. There was this 8400GS too, but the card was out for quite a while and it’s nicer to get an updated series. Damage: $99.


Looking at the power requirements, a system with a 8800GTS would consume about 125W, compared to the same system with a 9400GT that will consume about 87W. That’s an instant 30% gain, not to mention the fact that I got a fan-less unit, so there’s no extra current required for passive cooling. Overall casing temperature and noise is much lower now :)

Next, I moved on to change my WD Raptor. I felt that spinning at 10K rpm all the time just isn’t that green. The heat on it is enough to fry an egg! Speed-wise, I’ve been dreaming about owning a solid-state drive (SSD) ever since I heard about it. Well, guess what.. I splurged on an Intel X25-M 80GB SSD.


You have no idea how cool it runs! (Wait a minute.. Am I suppose to brag about it’s speed first?) My Windows 7 loads really fast and I don’t have those grinding noises I got from my Raptor anymore. The drive is tiny and allows good air-flow in my casing. A Raptor consumes about 4.35W of power when idle, as compared to 0.06W of the SSD. That’s a 98% improvement! Even when you look at average power consumption, the Raptor uses 6.08W compared to 0.15W. Damage: $420. The picture above shows the SSD mounted to a bracket which seems that only Silverstone makes. The bracket has a good finishing, but cost me $20.


Ok, so now what? My casing is the NZXT Zero that comes with 7 fans all round. 4 on the side, 2 at the back and 1 on top. I plan t shutdown the 4 side fans and shift one of the fans to the front instead. That way, I would have reduced my system fans by 3 and definitely make it more quiet.

Energy efficiency is appropriate for me not only because I’ve left PC gaming, it’s also good for the times I need to run my PC non-stop for weeks (downloading spree).

Posted on 15 July 2009 @ 9:11 pm GMT+8

I was free today and apparently my friend Javier was in town from Perth and we decided to head down to Dallas Chicken for a buffet meal. We heard about Dallas Chicken from various blogs and thought it was a pretty good deal, considering that both of us are heavy eaters. Initially we ended up in Chinatown where the outlet was some 2 months ago. A quick on the net lead us to their new place at POMO (former Paradiz centre).


We ordered a total of 7 chicken pieces, 12 drumlets and 6 nuggets as variable buffet items (free-flow). A single buffet meal also consists of a burger (chicken/fish) and a drink (NOT free-flow). The chicken’s texture was very similar to KFC’s original chicken, although the taste was slightly different.

Overall, it’s worthwhile taking the buffet meal if youre really into chicken! The drumlets were exceptionally good, with more spice in them. The burger was similar to the ones you get at western food outlets at hawker centres that cost about ($2++) However, I can say that the fish fillet in the burger was bigger:



As you can see, this is the leftover! I had a short chat with the owner and it seems that they’re strict on food wastage. It’s stated that wastage is chargeable at $25/100 grams. Well, it’s a reasonable deal, and prevents people to order recklessly.


If youre really hungry but you cant afford other buffets like Sakura or Seoul Garden, this is your best bet! Buffet is available everyday from 3-6pm. They’re located at POMO (former Paradiz centre) at Selegie Road, 2nd floor. It’s owned by a Muslim British guy and the food is Halal. If youre not getting the buffet, you can consider other set meals with fries/onion rings.

We were so bloated after the meal.. that we almost needed wheelchairs.. LOL!

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