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Wed, 12 Aug 2020 05:51:16 GMT

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This section is back by popular demand. Last found in IcorpCENTRAL.com, there were quite a number of peeps who were interested in this content. Basically, the mp3s found here are either sound effects from sound companies, movie distribution companies or movies itself. These are great for testing your new stereo system or the new subwoofer that ya just got.

All tracks are recorded digitally from DVDs and other digital sources using the Dolby Headphone® mode, so you can feel the surround effects from a 2.1 system.

THX® is a very well known sound system that is used in cinemas and homes. It's marvelous sound processor gives superb sound effects and music in surround for added realism.

DTS (digital theater sound)® is popular in cinemas all around the world. It boasts a good presentation before the movie starts and that makes it unforgettable.

The Digital Experience 29sec 462K
DTS Demo Track 77sec 1216K

Dolby® is very popular both in homes and cinemas. Its receivers really bring fantastic digital surround sound to your home.

Dolby - AC-3 train 29sec 464K
Dolby - Aurora 29sec 454K
Dolby - Broadway 30sec 474K
Dolby - Canyon 32sec 516K
Dolby - Egypt 31sec 494K
Dolby Digital Tyrannosaurus Rex 72sec 994K

SDDS from Sony® may not be that popular, but it's almost everywhere in cinemas and home theatre systems.

SDDS Theater Sound 18sec 294K

Cinergi® is a company producing movies and one of the movies is Die Hard 3. One good thing about this company is its music. Its great ! Thumbs up to it's creators!

Cinergi 19sec 312K

This company literally needs no introduction. It's very popular, distributing movies. It has been some time since it changed it's logo and music. So check it out!

Universal Pictures 21sec 332K

20th Century Fox have been releasing wide range of programs from the movie Speed to the infamous cartoon, the Simpsons. The music features the drums and trumpets from its intro.

20th Century Fox 20sec 323K

If I'm not wrong, this company is formed by award winning director, James Cameron. That's because all his movies are presented by Lightstorm® Entertainment. Anyway, I got this recording from True Lies.

United Artists® is a picture company that releases James Bond films and others too. Its rhythm in the music really sounds great on a subwoofer.

This is the music of the MGM / United Artist® home video. Its introduction is greatly done with a 3D film strip running across the screen together with the lion roaring.

MGM / UA Home Video 20sec 324K

Columbia® is pretty popular and it has paired up with Tristar® to distribute movies and home videos like Blue Streak and 8 Millimeter. Great music, I must say, check it out.

Columbia Pictures 21sec 330K

The movie, Twister was most probably the queen of disaster movies with great special effects and storyline. This audio clip has the surround sound of the twister moving past you, with the sounds of cows flying and more.

Jumanji had great special effects and a creative storyline. One of it's memorable sequences is the library stampede. This clip features the sfx from the whole stampede. So real, you can feel the animals behind you!

Independence Day was ever popular with it's mass destruction scene. This mp3 file features the F-16 fighter squadron into the battle with the alien menace. Set your playback volume with care as the sound is pretty powerful.

This audio clip is a recording of the space shuttle lift-off in the movie, Apollo 13. The rocket engine blast is very powerful and will lift your audio system off the floor!

Apollo 13 : Lift-Off 95sec 1.5MB

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Want to stuff a little audio into that stocking? Here are 11 great headphone picks.

You absolutely need a surround sound receiver, but you don’t need to spend a bundle on it.

The wireless Wi-Q 10 and 12 subs can be placed within 50 feet of your AV setup.

The new over-ear headphone model is perfect for use with high-resolution audio and other top-quality source material.

The latest Bluetooth speaker is designed for users looking for good musical performance on the go.

To prepare you for the scariest shopping day of the year, here are 11 of our favorite tech deals.

When selecting your wireless speakers or wireless music system, you generally have two choices when it comes to your music source.

The electrostatic speaker has a collapsible wing design and bidirectional sound.

HiFiMAN also has several pairs of new headphones for its RE300 and RE400 Series.

The new AVR includes options for multi-dimensional sound, 4K, wireless connectivity, and more.

The Aries serves as a bridge between the lossless online streaming service and a DAC.

The R-N301 AV receiver promises Natural Sound Hi-Fi audio reproduction and network connectivity.

The new PowerLite Home Cinema 5025UB promises 2D/3D 1080p, 2,200 lumens, and more.

The 85-incher is part of the company’s Diamond Series Ultra HD Series.

Up to nine of the compact speakers can be connected.