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Imraneo Husain's Facebook Profile

I would say that this would be the most memorable section of this site. Mainly because I have archived my websites from 10 years ago. Think of it as a Imraneo.com's history lesson :)

I started making websites since 1997, when I first got my dial-up internet account. I hosted my sites on free servers like Geocities, Xoom and Tripod. It's a pity I don't have the designs from the very early days, but I kept a few samples for other sites.

My last site before this one was AbsoluteSURF.com, where the content was similar to this site, but in a more general sense and was also linked to a product we were selling. I lost the domain due to late payment. Pity :(

I would recommend Internet Explorer for viewing these site samples properly as Firefox and other browsers were not catered in the design during those times. Numerous links will be broken as the samples are up for design display only.

ICORP: The Imran Husain Website

1998: This site uses a lot of dynamic HTML, which will not work on today's Firefox browsers.

This site also contains IE4's active channels. I strongly recommend this sample to be viewed in Internet Explorer.

WebKinetics IRC

1998: Similar to the site above, this was for WebKinetics. Uses Javascripts for rollovers, and I used one of my favourite Photoshop fire filters for it's graphics.

The ring will look broken in today's Firefox browsers due to incompatible CSS/HTML.

WebKinetics Webdesign

1999: This is a site I did for WebKinetics, a web company me and a few web acquaintances formed up.

This site uses frames. Positioning for certain wordings will not look good now, as it uses old DHTML standards.

ICORP Audiosite

1999: I called this "Audiosite" as majority of the site was audio related, containing midi files, mp3 files, and also realaudio files from movies.

Additionally, it also contained 3dfx Voodoo3 review - my first ever review.

ICORP WebNation Splash

2000: This was the period where I started creating flash animations. Over here, it's the splash screens for one of my ICORP variations, WebNation.

You'll recognize the background music as Fatboy Slim's "Right here, Right now"

ICORP WebNation

2000: Another variant of my site, which uses flash for the menu with my favorite "circular" design.

This is the site to the slash screen above.

Palakrishnan & Partners

2002: Palakrishnan & Partners, one of sites I did for my client. This site never took off and the boss passed away about a year after.

This site was done for a law firm, and uses internal frames with flash animations for menu and design.

IcorpCENTRAL.com Splash

2003: This is the splash screen to yet another one of my sites, IcorpCentral.

This is the first site that had it's own domain. I also used Swish software that allowed me to improvise the flash animation.


2003: This is the main page of the above splash screen. This would be my first attempt of using RSS in my site. Also, This is my first site which had it's own domain.


2004: This was supposed to be portal-like site with a number of news posters and also a forum. Also, this site was also used to sell a health product that me and a friend invested in.

This is also where I used random images for the header, similar to the one used here in Imraneo.COM.

Mini-TENS Massager

2004: This site was one of AbsoluteSURF's sister sites featuring the product mini-TENS massager.

This site uses internal frames and also a flash animation.

SG SoundSystem

2006: This is a beta site template of SG SoundSystem, a business that deals with in-car entertainment.

I was trying out different designs for a friend that owned this business. The content that you see in this sample are there just for visualization purpose.

As you can see, there was a lot of time gap before I launched this site. In fact, this domain has been around for about 3 years. This was mainly due to personal commitments and such.

I am currently too occupied to do any freelancing work. This section is put up as a portfolio and also allows me to review my old works. Certainly brings back memorable times.

One last thing to add: My Guestbook. This thing's been around for ages. From 1998 to 2003. Don't be surprised to see your posts in it! Of course, do feel free to add on to the list, since the service is still running!

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