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Voodoo3 purple wallpaper

Voodoo3 green wallpaper

Pentium!!! wallpaper #1

Pentium!!! wallpaper #2

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Welcome to my home on the web. My name is Imran, as you may have guessed. The purpose of this site is to share my interests with people all around the world.

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19 August 99

I really gotta apologise for the long period of time whereby my site remained idle. I'm currently under industrial attachment from my Polytechnic and I'm doing OT almost everyday. After this attachment (about 2 weeks more), I'll be changing the graphics a little bit and hope to provide more information. My server and address might change as well. So stay tuned!

10 June 99
Sorry about the slow updates. I was really busy on projects during this holidays. Anyway, I got really exciting about EA's new game, Need For Speed : High Stakes. I have created a little article on it, stating all the cool new features of the game. Check it out right here!

For the past few days, you might have noticed that most of the pictures couldn't load in this page. That was because of server maintenence. I also realised that all the files in a certain directory were gone :( Anyway, the problem is fixed!

10 April 99
I'm back from my exams now *phew* And I have created an updated version of my Hardware Channel. Now, it contains 10 more hardware sites and slightly more links to the hardware manufacturer's sites. To learn more about this channel, click here.

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Version 1.1

Right now, I am trying to create a Software channel where it will contain all the links to game sites and more. If you have any good software related sites to share, please email me about it.

30 April 99
You guessed it. It's exam time and this site will be under 'suspended mode' for 10 days. Normal updates will resume on 10 May 99 ! Sorry for the inconvenience (if any..)

25 April 99
I have received feedback from some places that my cover page animation is unnecessary and is too long. I have to agree with that. I have therefore changed it. You may have looked at it on you way in or you can click here to check it out.

I have also updated the 'About Me' section a little, providing with more accurate and up to date information :)

22 April 99
When Pentium III came out, I added their wallpapers. Now, I have included Voodoo3 wallpapers that were taken form 3dfx website.

Voodoo3 Wallpapers

These wallpapers are awesome and in high quality. I have converted them to JPEG format for easy downloading. You can download them form here :


Read old news here

 G e n e r a l   N e w s

Icorp Poll Results

Poll results

In my first poll, the question was 'Which sound card do you think is better?' Out of 25 votes, 72% went to SB Live and 28% went to Diamond MX300. Well, it's up to you to do your own research to find out which one suits you most.

Please participate in my new poll, 'How fast is your computer?'

Need For Speed 4 Demo

    Need For Speed : High Stakes

The demo for this long awaited game is out! I have tried it, and damn, this baby is much better than any of it's predessors. It runs much smoother than NFS3 and more speed is noticed by the faster acceleration.

It is also easier to control the cars and the graphics seem somewhat the same as NFS3 except for the special effects. It has real lighting effects for the headlights and rear lights.

Driving at night is also fantastic. The houses alongside the track have lights in them and the whole thing gives a new experience. The cars also get damaged when crashed. You can download the demo right here.

EA is also releasing a new game called NFS : Motorcity. Seems to be pretty exciting. Read all about it here.

Fifa99 Hints & Tips
The official Fifa99 game site has something for all the fifa99 fans out there. It is a list of hints and tips to help you play well. It's pretty useful and everybody will learn something from it. Check it out right here!

Pentium III 450 @ 558MHz
The folks at Hot Hardware managed to overclock a Pentium III 450 to 558MHz! with the settings of 4.5x124MHz. He came up with a special technique to cool the processor.
"...OK, so we all know that the stock Pentium !!! Heatsink and Fan that comes with the Retail CPU is absolutely inadequate for the job (my humble opinion of course). So, I set out to improve upon the situation. I wanted cool the CPU better with a bigger sink and fan combo and also help the cache chips make contact with the sink in the process! Let's dismantle (my favorite part) shall we?..."
The PC had been running a whole day without crashing and the speed was indeed fast.

Slipstream Enhancer
Slipstream enhancer can enhance your video performance by quite a lot. It is basically a package containing Slipstream Performance Enhancement Software, 3D Winbench 99 and a Thermal Coupler Cooling System.

Up to 45% performance increase can be noticed on Voodoo3 cards. This enhancer is also available for other cards. Check out the site here.

Playstation Joysticks on PC
The guy form TechnoToPus Emulation, an awesome emulation site, has sucessfully tried using Playstation joysticks on his PC.
"I have successfully built a playstation to pc, joystick adapter and it works great wonders. this adapter allows the use of sony playstation joysticks or gamepads on your computer through a parallel port, and it supported directx too. the drivers are developed by Earle F. Philhower, and they worked perfectly and even supports for dual shock. this adapter allows the full-use of all buttons on the playstation joystick....."
I have also attained the drivers and will try to build a Sega Megadrive to PC adapter. I have many Sega joysticks and gamepads and I hope I can sucessfully use them on my PC. All this after my exams! :)

Chernobyl Virus hits Singapore
The popular Chernobyl virus, also known as Win95.CIH has hit Singapore. Many people suffered as their systems failed to boot. Some variations of the virus is said to attack on 26 May and others are said to attack on every 26 of the month.

Couple of my friends' PCs were also affected and they were sent for either bios or motherboard replacement. This virus can override your harddisk or your bios. Read this headline from Channel News Asia here.

Permedia3 Preview


When people talk about 3D cards lately, names like 3dfx, nVidia and Matrox crop up fairly often, but seldom do you hear people talking about 3DLab's Permedia3. Their Permedia2 chipset may not have been the hottest item on most gamer's list, but they have reason to believe that the Permedia3 may be.

Check out it's specs in HardwareCentral's review of Permedia3.

Voodoo3 FAQ
The site, WickedPC have come up with a Voodoo3 frequently asked qustions. It's all you ever need to know about this speed demon before you buy one. It may not be too detail but it should ask most common questions about Voodoo3. Read all about it here.

Fifa99 Modem League

NYP Fifa99 Modem League

A group of guys from Nanyang Polytechnic have come out with their Fifa99 modem league. It's just like a real league except that players will connect up their PCs through modem and play. It can be real fun and challenging.

They are currently looking for more players. If you are a Singaporean and is looking for some challenge, come over to this site and join. A tournament is coming up soon. Hurry!

Make Voodoo3 Look better
Y2K posted a bit AGN3D's message boards about getting the Voodoo3 image quality up to the par of the TNT. Here is the info:
To make the v3 look like tnt in 32 bit color, just dl the new v3 overclocker till 3dfx fixes it in their drivers, and enable higher quality but lower perf video for glide and d3d. Then enable mipmap ditheriung under glide, set your desktop to 32 bit color, and make sure to enable 16 bit textures in all games> Glide, Ogl, D3d. etc I tested it Side by side with 16 meg Asus V3400 TNT at 32 bit with 16 bit textures etc, along with my 3dfx voodoo3 3000 with the above. I myself noticed No difference whatsoever in picture. Just make sure that in all openGL games, that you type gl_modulate 2.5, then vid_restart. It makes the openGL picture look more normal and bright and crisp. Man, running unreal at 1280x1024 at 85 hz, with ALL Quality settings on even in a 16 player bot game, there is no slowdown and it is FAST. I love this card. Yes TNT rocks too, and Im sure TNT2 will, but for now im very happy.
Looks like I'm gonna try it :)

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