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  Lotsa greetings to all!
Posted on 02 Nov 2005 by Imraneo
AbsoluteSURF would like to wish all out Hindu and Muslim visitors a very happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya respectively. As for the rest, just chill this week; hope ya'all took some leave as well.. as it's been a pretty staggering work week. Off, work, off, work..

*sigh* It's back to work again tomorrow..

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Dealers usually let only mature drivers test drive sports cars
Posted on 02 Nov 2005 by Imraneo
Check out this tragic story abt this young bugger who brought a new car for a testdrive, and end up killing the car agent and trashing the car!!

A test drive turned into a tragedy on Saturday, when a 24-year-old prospective buyer crashed the sports car he was driving.His passenger, a 22-year-old car agent, died in the accident.

Some car dealers Channel NewsAsia spoke to say they only allow mature customers and those with years of driving experience to test drive such cars.

The Mazda MX-5 was reduced to scrap metal after the test drive along Upper Paya Lebar Road went terribly wrong.

Discuss here!!

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AbsoluteSURF under construction
Posted on 27 Aug 2005 by Imraneo
Dear all.
AbsoluteSURF is still under construction. Basically the whole site is under a testing phase.

For our Mini-TENS product, a temporary website is set up over here.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused!

Edit: We are just opened!!

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Pikom PC Fair @ KL
Posted on 10 Aug 2005 by icorp
Me and my buddies decided to take a trip down to Kuala Lumpur for a long weekend. We ended up in Pikom PC fair on the 6th Aug which was held in a convention centre at Suria KLCC (where the infamous twin towers are). Lotsa pics to look at!

Browse into our article section or just click here.

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